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Amazing! You are doing so well with your painting!

Heidi Sue

Wowza! Love that beet, the shadows, the painted background! Simply perfection.

When I was about eight y.o., I would fall asleep picturing myself painting or drawing because I was convinced that if I imagined it, it would happen. I was disappointed each time I woke up and tried to draw or paint a picture. Now here I am four decades (+) later realizing that you can do what you imagine, but it takes practice and putting in the time. Dreams + Practice + Work = Success. Go figure!

You, Carol, already knew that and put it into your routine...because, look at all you're excelling at!

Chris Oliveira

And then you succeed!


Your last two lines stopped me in my tracks... that has to be the most perfect quote about painting ( all creativity actually ) and I am going to write it on the first page of my sketchbook ( with attributes to you of course! ). "All night long you dream of painting, and in the moring you think you can. So you try." Love it, love it, love it. And your beet is absolutely wonderful!

Janet Ghio

You can! I am signed up for the class but haven't started it yet. I hope I don't get too hungry watching her paint all those pieces of pie and cuocakes--I'm on an austerity diet--trying to loose a few pounds!!


oops! In my previous comment I should have written "All night long you dream 'about' painting" , not "of". if I'm going to quote, I need to get things correct!


oh sister your golden beet is absolute perfection. and that shadow... and that blue..so so so good! we will paint many many things in sweden!!!


Never mind! I found the recipe in your archives for the blueberry cake. Yummmmmiiiiiiiie! Nice beet painting. xo

Susan m

Your golden beet painting is amazing!!!

Vicki in Michigan

Of course you can. You DID! :-) Very impressed. Beautifully beetiful. :-)

Linda Watson

Great painting of the beet. I was painting a Vermillion Flycather first thing this morning with gouache. That bird assignment is hard. Made me feel kind of sorry for the bird.

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