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Fabulous! 👊🏽 😄


Well... if you have to get bitten by a bug, this is a fun one to be bitten by (and there's no itching included)!!! Great stuff!


"the skin is not bad, you understood the need to draw the right smooth and broken lines for curves ... draw pulp now", my teacher said the first time i draw a banana in a painting class.
Your sister is a GENIUS, she teaches you well. You saved ten bucks ... to use in Sweden !

jacki long

Excellent! Love them all !


O my stars! You even drew in the Sugar sprinkles on that pie! And the oozey goodness of the cherries spilling out in a sticky puddle on the plate! And how about that subtLe shadow? OK I confess I blew up the pic to see details! If I dream of cherry pie tonight I'll blame you.lol. sheesh and banana! More show n tell please. I cant wait til you and ms Mam do lingo berries!


That pie painting is perfection and is making me crave cherry pie!


t shirt. that pie needs to be on a tshirt!!!


I agree with Diana, the pie painting is fabulous and I too am now craving cherry pie. Well done!!

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