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jacki long

Wndeful, charming and totally delightful!
That's my review as an armchair tag along❤️

Chris Oliveira

Thanks for sharing your journal! Love it.

Jet Hesselink

Carol, you HAVE made a masterpiece (even Fredrik!). I love your journal!!

Caroline Berk

This is a winner of a journal. First of all the book is great - not too large, not too small, not too precious, etc And then - AND THEN, it is covered back to front with words and pictures and paintings and drawings and stuff and it is just great. What a travel journal should be! High marks!


Do you make your own journal? I Love, love, love it.

I want to go too...


can't wait for our next trip to parts unknown!!!


Carol, this is absolutely marvelous! YOu've inspired me to drag out the Sicily journal and finish it!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Very fun stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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