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Vicki in Michigan

August is the best month at the farmers' market! PEACHES! Tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, basil, blueberries, corn...... I wish I would think to arrange them all and take a portrait pic, the way you do. :-)

I was going to get flowers, too, but our hands were full! I think I need a wagon...................... Or a pony. :-) Our market says "no dogs" but it doesn't say anything about ponies!

Janet Ghio

Love those curvy carrots! Midwest peaches are the BEST!! I always love to read your posts--the titles suck me in every time!!

Linda Watson

The carrots had me giggling, and then the hermit crabs. Oh, my. I guess the ones at the beach are just visiting.


Those carrots are a crack up! Must have had to go around tree roots or underground pipes...???

So wish we had Farmer's Mrkts here, but it's just too dang hot in summer and nothing is locally grown.

I pictured Hermit Crabs living in little huts on some deserted beach in the far north. Guess they live in Kansas....who knew?

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