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jacki long

Absolutely terrific! ♥♥♥

Heidi Sue

fantastic!!! one of my very favorite things is seeing inside someone's travel journal. yours is a great combo of words and sketches and paintings and bits of your days! love! love, love!

jeanette sclar

OMG!!! Absolutely amazing!


I've been waiting for this! Every page is so fun to see. Some of my favorites are your painting of that beautiful glove from the Textile Museum and the continuous line drawing of all the cups and glasses at the top of the fold-out page. I would be looking back at this (and all your other travel journals) all the time.


Ridiculously perfect!


What fun! I hope MAM keeps up the tradition of making a journal for you.


I love looking at your journal pages. The paintings. the stamps and sketches and other doo-dads. All of it.

Quick question - did you (or your sister) create the lines you wrote on before of after you did your journaling? In other words, what was on the page first - your words or the lines? I too make journals sometimes with watercolor paper but I don't write in lines. I really like the way your pages look with the lines... That's why I'm asking.

Again, thanks for the peek into your beautiful, colorful travel journals. You are blessed to have a sister you can travel with, one whose company you enjoy so deeply and fully.


FABULOUS sister!!!!!! love seeing all your paintings together!

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