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Chris Oliveira

You really do know how to have a great time. I enjoy all of it vicariously, so it must be awesome live.


A perfect day, Carol. That lemon cake! And darling fall fabrics!


You go girl!!!!!

jacki long

Loved it!
You let us be there!
Thank you Carol!

Caroline Berk

I look forward to the pumpkins!

Linda Watson

Second from the top in the stack of fabrics - is that handwoven? Looks like a nice twill tea towel to me.

Sounds like a good day to me. :-)


did you say lemon cake?


Carol...I have never "met" anyone who enjoys life as much as you. Reading your posts is a lesson in creativity, spontaneity, joy, sensitivity, levity, and passion. You bring light to the world and to those who follow your blog!

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