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Sharon Walworth

Well that looks great. And since you seem to have taken a rather "left-handed" approach to the recipe, I'm renaming it "gauche gazpacho" for my own recipe collection!!! Definitely plan to try.

Barbara Tarbox

OR BLANCO GUACHE PACHO, care to add to the fun😳

Barbara Tarbox

Meant that to be:
Blanco gouache pacho😁


Sharon and Barb: wish I would have thought of that. I was too busy thinking about eating it!

jeanette sclar

As you guessed those slivered almonds are already blanched...how do I know this? One Halloween I felt the need to make Martha Stewart's finger cookies. They are cookies shaped like fingers with whole almonds died very red for the fingernails. I needed "blanched" whole almonds for the nails - almonds with the brown skin removed. Could I find them anywhere? No! So, I peeled the brown skins off with a vegetable peeler, which is exactly as tedious as it sounds. The cookies were a big hit ( I like to serve them in a chafing dish, just letting my guests lift the lid for a surprise :-) Later, I learned that you can blanch whole almonds by putting them into boiling water for a minute or two, just like peeling a peach. The brown skins ski right off! I live and learn. Sigh.

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