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I love your blog. Greetings from México

jacki long

I agree the portrait of Ingrid is stellar, but I also love the sweet one of Mary Ann too. And, the flowers on the mauve0-sh background are really wonderful! And my favorite criteria, I can tell you had fun creating! ♥

Janet Ghio

Loving your sketchbook!!

Caroline Berk

I like part two looking forward to part three of this book.

Judy H.

Awesome journal!

Linda Watson

It's just so obvious, from reading yours and Mary Ann's posts and seeing your journals that the very best part of the whole trip was the two of you hanging out together. Love it.


Your Maira-esque paintings of yourself and sister are good and make me smile. And Ingrid - you both really did well on her. Love that chair and your one color self-portrait and of Mary Ann are great, and rather funny! Cherries and flowers at the top of the page - love! It's a treat to see your journals.

jeanette sclar

Even better than part one...wonder if the Hound Dog had anything to do with it?


your portrait of MAM with the green glasses....made me laugh out loud. You girls make my day I tell you! Isn't laughter the very best medicine?


Love the portraits! and the journals...


hee hee hee
f**king fabulous!!!

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