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Holy Swedish delight! Batman! Everything looks like gastro Nirvana. I so appreciate the photos, being a dyed in the wool foodie myself. Have you made plans to visit some of the other Scandinavian countries. I think you did do Norway, right?

jacki long

Wonderful words & photos ...
salivating her in the OC.
Thanks so much for sharing everything! ♥


When is the next plane for sweden ?
Photos and comments coming from the "critique gastronomique" you are are... no words. I am happy to have fresh salmon in my fridge ! "cuit à l'unilatérale" with an orange juice and aneth. That's all. Sweden cooking is easy, fun and keep you healthy. Thanks for posting about your trip.

Caroline Berk

Yum! that's all, just YUM!


i would like an urban deli shrimp roll this instant!

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