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Barbara Tarbox

Thank you Carol for suggesting Erin Hensley Schultz's blog. Spent the last hour
reading through several of her posts. She is able to articulate a level of sincerity
that is not just impressive but stimulates ones own thinking about the subjects she
addresses, Good writing should do just that. Great writing motivates us to do
something, feel something, share something about topics that need more than
just a cursory glance. Again, thank you.


That movie is on the list to go see. I have to wait for the crowds to subside. How could a movie with Tom Hanks not be good? Im a white knuckle flyer. This film should put me right over the edge, making me never want to get on a plane again, EVER!

Carolyn Dietrich

Thank you for mentioning the blog I'ts Fine. I love it.

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