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I am totally in awe of your knitting skills! (and your baking ain't bad either....)

jacki long

All is good and I'm salivating here in the OC.
Love the yarn colors and your abundant skills! ♥

Janet Ghio

very cute leaf and that cake looks so good!!

Caroline Berk

That pumpkin is so cute. I can almost picture the group you will make of several different pumpkins and leaves. It will look very nice in the middle of your table!

Since I am forgoing sweets right now we won't discuss the cake.


oh maaan. a garland of knitted leaves would be so beautiful.
the pumpkin is over the top. so cute!


I love the "goodly" amount of cake. I also LOVE the pumpkin! A lot! Too cute!


Yea! You knitted the pumpkin pattern I sent you! It's adorable. The ivied stem is great too. Where did you find the autumn leaf pattern? It's hard to tell the size of it without anything to compare it to. Is it the size of your palm? Just curious.

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