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jacki long

Great shots, Carol!


Hardboiled eggs to take in the car for breakfast on the road, deviled eggs, pickled eggs, scotch eggs, eggs stuffed in the center of a meatloaf ala Puerto Rican style.....

And that's just with the hardboiled dozen. Remember to steam them at room temp for 17 minutes, but if you want one or two sorta soft boiled, taken those eggs out of the steamer at 10 min.

Janet Ghio

You still have good looking tomatos ay your market--not too many here.

Dottie Moss

I will keep mum on the eggs.
Mom would be loving the deviled eggs you would have taken her on Mondays.
How she loved all you always brought her!
Thanks again, sister, and again.


Did you bring any of the gourds home? I've seen them decorated with paint and/or carving so they are works of art.

The flowers, fruits, especially the apples, look beautiful. How long does the Farmers Market stay open?

Still in the 90's here! So ready for the day I can put on a sweater.

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