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Cheryl Lombardo

Thank you Carol ... Just thank you. Can't explain but every thing you write just makes me feel good... MAM too... There is something about you girls...your mom instilled something really good in you...

Debbie Janelle

I just make a new cinnamon pumpkin muffin recipe. Since you are also a pumpkin lover, I needed to share it with you. They are sooooooo extra delicious! The batter is very velvety smooth and delicate. They just melt in your mouth. Now, don't you want to make some too!?! Here's the link for that recipe.


Just so you know, it made 36 mini muffins, and took lots longer to cook, than the recipe said. For my oven, it too 15 minutes. It said to line the muffin tin with papers. Because of the oil content, you can easily get away, without using the paper liners. Maybe it would make fewer muffins, without the liners.

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