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Carol A

Hi Carol, I will check out the New Zealand travelogue, and live vicariously. I wanted to let you know I have been working my way through Life Reimagined. It's one thing to contemplate "30 years (or so) ahead of me," and that's with luck, pluck, and spunk on my side. But the author prompted me to think of "30 SUMMERS" ahead of me. WHOA! Now that thought really changes my perspective, and I am more motivated than ever to think about what I want 60 to 90+ to look like!
Certainly I enjoy my cybertime spent with you and your Sister. I look forward to long reads between the two of you, and following the various trails that look good! My best thoughts are floating Westward in your direction and to the SW MossWay too, from my little corner of SW Ohio.


Thanks for this, I will follow the blog... sometimes life paths change in an instant like a wave sweeping you up and dropping you when it feels fit... This happened to me 11 years ago when I left my home and everything in the UK, just me and four young children and came to NZ... of which I new nothing or no one... We started a new life here... looking back and knowing what I know now I am not sure if I would have taken that path, but the little people (who are now much bigger!) think it was the best decision I ever made... NZ is certainly stunning, 2 relatively tiny islands full of just about every climate possible, we have deserts, glaciers, earthquakes and volcanoes, geothermal villages, incredible beaches and a coastal drive that had been voted among the top ten most scenic in the world... But it is a long way from anywhere, half a planet away from home and my Mum and my sister, and flights are expensive...and then I am upside down from all my closest friends and family...I have never gotten used to Christmas in summer and Easter in Autumn, it;s just WRONG!! This is the time of year I get most homesick, being very much a winterchild...Maybe half and half would be ideal :)


Thank you so much for the kind words Carol! I'm glad you're enjoying, and you partake in plenty of adventures yourself! I really enjoy scrolling through your blog and looking at all your fun pictures.

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