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jacki long

Great day & great shits! ♥♥

Dotti C

This is such a delightful blog and it brings me squarely back to my mid-west heritage: where my mom was from sw minnesota, my dad from iowa...and I can remember slipping over the nebraska-kansas border to down a few beers legally at 18...or even transport them across the border to a good ol' remote nebraska cornfield! I often google recipes for the things you mention on your blog...and this time it was the tomato jam. OH YUM. It's cooling on my breakfast bar now! My town is small, folks are friendly, and if you painted out the high desert, painted in some trees, and a farmers' market, it would be just like your town in so many ways!


That meal sounds perfectly tasty. The one thing I'd add would be horseradish sauce for the roast beef. That combo just shouts FALL to me and my taste buds. In the high desert we're still having hot days but it's officially fall so I've got some navy beans soaking, a ham bone and all the fixings for a large pot of bean soup, crusty bread and ice cold beer . Oh Yum!

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