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you are o precious! you really kill me.


"super !" - i am so happy you include extracts of your life in your blog !!! THANK YOU - i love the windy "scratch scratch" in my ears when you film - Next step : when you put a video on line, you have the name of your video that appears like magic - you can click in and change the name of your videos - IMG4506 MOV should be THE mysterious code for your first only ... Have fun. On Labor Day, i sing "le travail, c'est la santé - rien faire c'est la conserver" by Henri Salvador ...


As an East Coaster, my first sight of those fields of waving grain on the Wyoming Colorado border was an almost teary moment. I had no idea I'd feel that way.

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,

Chris Oliveira

Keep 'Em coming, Carol!


My Mom had that exact mixmaster! Memories!

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