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Caroline Berk

Carol, that is the coolest book ever. I would check it out of the library;it made me happy just scanning through.I am thoroughly impressed because I would never have gotten it finished. (at least I have not so far ever finished one.)

jacki long

Reallt terrific!
I think it's everything a journal should be,
in my opinion. Fun, random, inclusive, perfect!


Fabulous journal! TFS!

Brenda F

What a WONDERFUL journal. I so loved all of the pages and for me, because I follow your sister too (MAM), it made it even more enjoyable. Would you please let us know how the "base" of your visual/art journal was made? AND (yes, I know I am asking a lot - but I LOVE IT), have you referenced it before in your blog? CONGRATULATIONS on completing your fun and happy journal.

Heidi Sue


Janet Ghio

love your journal!!

Chris Oliveira

I don't blame you for being delighted - it is a wonderful journal! Now I want to touch it and study every page.


SO awesome. Here comes a gigantic cough producing pat on the back. Seriously bad ass. bad butt? bad , just bad, and rad. me go now.

jeanette sclar

How fantastic! Completely quirky, fun and alive!


i still have my stenciled portrait underpants. do you?


Actually I am wearing them right now!


Brenda: you will be happy to know that all I did to make this journal was to buy a big, well constructed book, with good heavy paper, and illustrations I thought it would be fun to paint over(at a second hand book store for dirt cheap). I glued some pages together. Removed pages that only had writing. Used gesso over some pages before I painted on them, and then just went to town stenciling, collaging, painting, doodling, and writing! It doesnt get any easier than that.


Ah...just delightful. Every. Single. Page.

Leslie J. Moran

Okay, this goes SO waaaay beyond good. It's utterly fantastic! Every single detail is magical and artistic beyond the beyond! What a fabulous way to bring back all those memories and capture your own special whimsy. Your character shines.

Judy H.

Awesome journal! High five to you!

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