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I think I would need a double 'muffin man latte' driving over those hills. Roads like that give me a 'carnival ride tummy'. But a hot water blessed by the Pope would cure all ills or it would depending on what pope it was...


I wish I had seen that mixer calling my name. that is exactly like the one my mom had when I was growing up. she used it for probably 35-40 years until I bit the dust. then replaced it with a kitchen aide that didn't last even half that long.


Seems a ceremonial robe would've been in order.
1. You could sit on the porch and have a cocktail
2.Would have made a lovely outfit for you and Mary Ann to travel in on your next adventure.
3. Halloween perfection.
You best go back.


That was my mom's old mixer. She mangled her hand in it when she was making fruitcake cookies and I called her to tell her I was getting a divorce. I think she mangled her hand on purpose to take her mind off of the fact she was gonna have to tell the world she had a divorcee for a daughter.

Also, is that holly in the holy water jar? You clever thing, you.

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