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jacki long

Wonderful! Great eye Carol! ♥

Janet Ghio

love seeing your off the interstate photos of Kansas. We are reading a book about some people who make a modern day trip in a covered wagon following the Oregon trail and they are going through kansas and have given me a new appreciation for off the beaten path in Kansas!

Chris Oliveira

I love seeing the world through your eyes, Carol.

Dottie Moss


Karen Schumacher

What's a Bierock? Inquiring minds want to know!


Karen: a bierock is a yeast bread dough that surrounds a filling of hamburger/cabbage/onion and spices. At least that's how Chris makes them.

Caroline Berk

Karen asked my question and you answered it. Thanks both of you.

Carol, I looked at all you images wondering how I would paint them. Your eye, as I might have mentioned before, is excellent!

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