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Leaf Peeper season in Vermont is well worth the trip. I believe their peak season is earlier in October... I'm in Western NY and our peak is usually around Columbus Day... our colors aren't too shabby but nothing compared to Vermont.

stacey vadaj

you should see ohio this year...the apricots and oranges are breath-taking! We even get burgundy.


Ad I will show you around!!

Chris Oliveira

Beau,Tirol! And yes, Vermont is breathtaking.

Susan M

Just got back from Rhinebeck.....What an amazing time!!! Have you been??

jacki long

Thank you Carol, just stunning!
You really know how to live! ;o)


A Leaf Peeper trip to Vermont is on my bucket list and has been for 70+ years. In the meantime I'll have to live vicariously with you in Lawrence. The fall season is the only thing I miss about living 4 years in MI...beautiful in fall, dreadful in winter.

I'd love to attend ANY fiber festival, but they aren't a big thing in the high desert southwest. Maybe there's one in UT, our next door neighbor. I'll have to google it.

The red tones are what make my heart go pitter pat! I had 30 oak trees on my property in MI, so spectacular in fall.

Heidi Sue

Oh Em Gee, Carol...that sounds like a dream trip.


Beautiful leaves! And I love your pope-mobile leaf peeping idea!


I wish I could post a pic I took this morning, driving home from Rupert Vt after stopping to get bread at Dorset Rising...the first snowfall from last night, still on the ground, some green grass and lovely fall color on the trees. Just the best <3

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