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I think some weird stuff but I have to admit this one hadn't crossed my mind.....I think you're right though, it must be covered during orientation. ;)

jacki long

Happy Birthday Angie!♥
Just seeing her makes me smile.


Happy Birthday Angie! I'd be one of your adopted children but that would have made only 11 yrs old when I was born! Yikes, that doesn't quite work out. But you're my mom in spirit along with the other scalawags.

I have to say that it never crossed my mind if one continues to age after death, but I don't think you do as there is no time there, it's all a continuous (eternal) present, as in now/present, not gift present. Does that make sense or am I rambling like some demented old woman?

Janet G

I think you get to be whatever age you want to be--if you are in human form and I think you see all those who have gone before and once you have adjusted to no longer being on earth, then you transform into what you have been all along and that is a light being and maybe you become a star or a sunbeam or part of the muted early morning light. I'm sure that is way more than you wanted to know and happy birthday Angie!

Chris Oliveira

Happy birthday, dear Angie! I miss hearing about all you used to say and do. Hugs to you, Carol.


Cheers Angie, and a Happy Birthday to you, You sweet, funny woman! From one of your many online fans.


Happy Birthday, Angie! Every time I see the marigolds in my garden, I think of you. Carol...I so miss your Angie stories...but I'm sure she's whooping it up in the great beyond.

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