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I can relate to this oh so well. My Fiskar scissors walked out of my life. My husband keeps saying"they'll turn up" . Nada . I've had them my entire life practically.
When your story was mid stream , Chris ordered a new lid, I thought you were going to say a drone arrived with the replacement lid in 37 minutes !


Things like this are happening with more frequency....everywhere....I think it's something in the atmosphere..... ;)


It hasn't happened to me personally, but several of my friends have the "just order a replacement and the lost one will show up" motto memorized.

I have a lost story of a different theme: Last summer I started on a Pair of Socks a Month journey. I was interrupted by a bout with cancer so just getting back to the sock thing. Problem is,the second and most favorite pair are AWOL...I've gone through all my knitting stash, UFO's, (UnFinishedObjects) project bags, the sock drawers, they are gone with the wind. If they turn up disguised as a stove knob in your kitchen, will you kindly let me know...? If you have a high arch, skinny heel, and wear a size 7.5 shoe, you can adopt them.

Susan M

Many times.......

choc chip sally

That is so funny! It was just so perfectly camouflaged. My most favorite soup recipe has disappeared..... just when I want to start making it once a week....thankfully I remember most of it.


It seems to be happening more often at our house than it used to.

Linda Watson

Oh, that is sooooo good. Right up there with how I gently wrapped a linen tea towel around the greens to keep them crisp while I prepared other things, reached for the greens and nowhere to be found. Didn't have time for a big search, so prepared more greens. Found the original greens when husband picked up tea towel and shook it out to use for drying the dishes. Presto! Kitchen decorated it in green(s).

Linda Watson

Just need to add - I think part of the problem is that your stove top is too clean. Not enough contrast going on. :p


my effing keys are right now AT THIS MOMENT missing.
where should i look?


In your silverware container. For sure!

jeanette sclar

OMG! The story of my life! I try, try, try, try to delay ordering the new one....only to find that the old one just sits in waiting till it hears the sound of the "send" button on my computer keyboard - and only then does the old one reveal itself!
A word of warning: The logical thing to do is to put away the extra one when it arrives, so that if you ever do lose the original lid, you can whip out the replacement. Ha! If only it were so simple. You will never remember where you put the extra. I have resorted to making a computer list of hard-to-find things in the house and where I have put them.

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