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I loved Delicious. One of my favorite , top tens! After finishing it I read all of Ruth's books.
I let you go ...sucked me in until the end.
The last one you've pictured I haven't read , but will.


Oh good, glad you read I Let You Go. That book had several twists and turns that left me scratching my head and re-reading sections. I wish you'd given your impression/rating.

My kids loved the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin books and animated film and so did their mom.


I would have posted exactly what Karen said but she got here first...I LOVE Delicious and Ruth!


Thank you for recommending ‘Delicious!’ by Ruth Reichl. This was truly a good read. I love the following quote from one of Lulu’s letters - “I saw the scene in a whole new way. They weren’t buying food: They were finding their way home.”

As for Billie’s gingerbread recipe, I have not made it yet, but I hope to.

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