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jacki long

Love that statement, "The simple satisfaction of making".

Chris Oliveira

Yes, exactly!

Vicki in Michigan

Nice work, Carol! Agree with you totally, about the two socks being different, and about reinforcing the areas that tend to wear through first!

Love the idea of buying yarn when traveling, and then having socks that remind you of your trip.


Beautiful socks and the memories they invoke. Yes, "the simple satisfaction of making"...love that as well.


your yarn projects are far more delicious appearing than the farmers market. However they both have their good point.
I'm with Jackie on the above "making" statement. well said.

Heidi Sue

Love your socks and the new yarn you've chosen! I'm going to investigate reinforcing yarn for heels.

I started knitting JUST so I could make socks. They're my favorites!


Instead of identical twin socks we refer to them as orphan socks. Ha, who cares if they don't match and no yarn is wasted. I love the colors in the pair you just finished. I have some lovely yarns just waiting to be transformed into socks.

Visit the FaceBook site for sock drawers. OMG! It'll make you drool. I started last year to make a pair of socks every month, but I got sidetracked and now have to start all over again. Oh well, it's all good. I've been very busy knitting a crocheting things for our church craft sale next month. Lots of cute baby things are off my needles and hooks.

Can't wait to see the next pair of socks. Knit on!


as always your socks are beautiful. wish I had the patience to make a pair. I always get all those needles tangled up, LOL. and I love the mismatched look too.


You are so my people.

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