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Looks like the perfect holiday. And that kitty is frame-worthy! Thank you for sharing.


Oh, the food goodies look yummy. Lattice crusted cherry pie. star of the show!

The cowl has been smartly modeled and looks great on all models.

Perhaps Eleanor will have her own journal to add sketches to next year? I agree with Diana, Kitty is frame worthy.

Janet G

Now that is how thanksgiving should be!! Your plate of food looks delicious!!

jacki long

Perfect & Wonderful! ♥


my fav is the 3 plump toes on each foot. i mean paw.


This unexpectedly made me cry! Franciscan Desert Rose were my grandmother's good dishes. We were at her house for a holiday every year. I ate lots of great meals on those plates.

She's still alive (107!) but doesn't really like to see me. She's mad I moved to Mexico (and other things, lol). I miss her, she taught me a LOT of valuable things. Everything she did was always perfect: knit, crochet, embroider, make pies, mash potatoes, grow iris, grow tomatoes, make doll clothes... Everything except feel peaceful.

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