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Susan Bjerke

I've one sister who's a Hospice nurse, the other a nurse who teaches kidney transplant patients. I've heard many touching stories of their patients, but I'm most pleased to hear your story. That listening makes dying more seem bearable.

Chris Oliveira

Beautiful story.

Linda Watson

My mother, who passed in 2003, used to say, "Death is beauty not yet used."

Sharron Carleton

Wonderful story, thanks ..,


Sending you hugs Carol. I heard that deep breathing in 2011 when my sister passed away from brain cancer. I'll never forget it. Thank you for sharing

Sharon Johnson

Oh my. Thank you.


Thanks for sharing such a poignant story.


Very moving and tender.

Most of my knitter friends are nurses, 2 are retired, 3 still working in the field. Oh, the stories they have told us over the years. Some make us sad, some make us laugh, some make us cry, some touch us deeply, like yours did today. The whole gamut of human emotions is covered. Thanks for telling us this sweet/sad story.

Jet Hesselink

So beautiful, thank you for sharing this story.

Judy H.

Oh, my God. So moving. :(

Amy at love made my home

I wish you were over here Carol, as I know that we are going to need someone like you in the nearer to not so near future, you are amazing. So is this lady and her brother and their mother.

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