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Well...I guess I'm brilliant if women who curse are smarter than those who don't!!! Thanks for that tidbit of knowledge...I've been cursing a lot this week...starting on Tuesday evening.

Janet G

I have been watching both and really like them but I think I missed This is Us this week--I've been so upset-I don't know up from down at this point--maybe it was on on Tuesday night in which case it wasn't on and i didn't miss it. How's that for a run on sentence! Makes me want to curse, but since it isn't even 7 AM I think its too early for cursing.


Not only do we have something in common but we're brilliant to boot!! ;)

Linda Watson

My mother always told me that people who swear lack both an imagination for language and a decent vocabulary. However, at some point in her 50s, she discovered that imagination and a decent vocabulary could include swearing and wow, she swore as if she'd had years of practice until the day she died. lol

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