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jacki long

Terrific! Brava!


What a beautiful and colorful project. You have inspired me to go back into the calendar I made for myself for 2017 with more washi tape and paper and markers. Truly inspiring. May 2017 bring you joy, laughter, great food from the farmer's market, colorful yarn, and more adventures with your wildly creative sister. Happy New Year!


i love your little calendar. it is bright, colorful, simple, easy and done. planners are such a big deal right now, but it seems to me that people spend a big portion of their time collecting and decorating rather than planning, lol. I am also so jealous of all your beautiful and unusual paper scraps from sister and pam, and your fabric scraps from pam. I live in a small town with my only options Micheals and WalMart, ick, and NO fabric store (how did that happen to a quilter and sewer)!

keep up all the lovely projects you do. I always love seeing them all. and I always look forward to going to the market. happy new year and thanks for sharing with all of us.


This is so cool! May we see more, please?

Just one thing.....if you cover up the calendar pages then how does this calendar work?

The other thing is, you appear to finish everything you start. I've never seen anything like it. Inspiring!!!



I love all these images - so colorful and creative and full of fun art. Good fun and good inspiration!

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