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Thanks for the heads up on what is truly a little gem.


Okay, my only advice is to make sure you go pee before you start "Date Night". If you choose not to, your sofa is in peril. Can't believe you two haven't seen it! What a treat!
xoxo from the frigid NE

Vicki in Michigan

Humming along. Not quite able to sing, at present.... :-(

Thank you, Carol, for sharing her with us.

jeanette sclar

Thank you for the little gem! I'm afraid I got you nothing. I loved Zadie's first books and her article (speech?) was truly insightful....exactly the kind of thing that keeps me weeding through dozens of email subscriptions as though panning for gold.

Sharron Carleton

Zadie's last sentence is such a good one! Hugs, sharron

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