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Amy at love made my home

Brandy. Add brandy to the hot chocolate! I can recommend it.

Janet G


Linda Watson

Glad you went over the pre-travel advice with MAM. I wanted to, but thought better of it and you're the perfect person to do it. Oh, and also, you have my mug. The red one, with the one green tree. I've looked everywhere and can't find it this year. Have no idea how it got to Kansas, but enjoy! It's quite fond of straight rum in hot chocolate. Happy Holidays!


I just bought some of that Silly Cow mix! We got the peppermint hot chocolate. Since we're getting our tree today you remind me that I should go through my cabinet too!!

jacki long

Perfect! ♥

jeanette sclar

I am patiently waiting for the hot chocolate answer, having wondered the very same thing about it last night. I could not reach a conclusion, so I drank it naked (the hot chocolate, not me...not a pretty picture). I hope to have your answer for tonight's hot chocolate. Please don't make me drink another naked cup.


Your great-niece has chosen an excellent school! We have three grads in the family.

Caroline Berk

Well, since you wouldn't come cook for us you probably won't come decorate either even though I would make the hot cocoa while you knit up those cunning mittens and a few trees! Just saying!

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