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Lori Shaw

Hello Carol, I am new to your blog but much enjoy it and your sisters. Thank You. I am having trouble accessing the link you provided with your post and had no luck going the googling it route. Any additional info would be appreciated. (it required a password but no way to sign up.)


HAHA! You crack me up! Happy New Year!


Dear Lori! ackkkk! I am sorry, it appears that blog is password protected. Likely to prevent spam and the like. Loretta is a fine writer, I am sorry you can't access it.

Loretta Marvel

I applaud you, you always amaze me with your industriousness and interest!

I passworded the blog because I was fooling around with behind the scenes business. It's open again. x0x0

Lori Shaw


I tried again 1/5/17 2:30 pm - still password protected! I would love to see/read your work but I do not want to be a bother.


That banana bread looks so good! I forgot I bought a new loaf pan. Must make some soon.

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