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Your posts make me smile!!!!!

jacki long

Fabulous! So enjoy your photos Carol,
and you taking us along! Perfect!

Vicki in Michigan

What a great morning. Thank you for taking us along!


Loving those desert photos - a nice change from all our snow! Pam's quilts are amazing. I always get envious of your art retreats!


i'm holding you to it!!!!!!!


Your sister is right about the Joshua trees being named by the Mormons. She's a garden of information, isn't she? I love little factoids like that. My across the street neighbor has a Joshua tree in his front yard, they're amazing plants.

Did you pass up that tote basket of many colors at the Farmers Mkt? Thought that would be headed for KS for sure.

The quilt you're making looks fab! Hope you make a multi pieced backing out of all those neutrals...
There's a new Quilt As You Go book out, brought up to modern techniques from the original authored by Georgia Bonesteel back in the 60's! It was considered groundbreaking technique at the time. What's cool about it is that when you've sewed all pieces, front , batting, back together at the same time, when you're done you're ALL done, except for the binding! WOOT! and BOOYAH

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