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Maybe this will appeal to your sense of history and creativity: Several years ago I gathered orphan blocks, unfinished bits, and scraps of treasured fabrics, and began making pincushions. Now I try to fashion a pincushion from the leftovers of any quilt project. I have a growing collection in a basket, and they have become a sort of journal of my work. They provide a special tactile reminder of past projects (and of where I was when I made them.) Enjoy that process!!!


I can't wait to see your finished quilt top...and then the back and quilt. It's so satisfying to assemble bits and pieces of fabric into one gorgeous creation.

And I love Sharon's idea of a pincushion using scraps of each quilt you make...brilliant!

Linda Watson

It's comforting, to me, at least, as well as buoying, to know that even when some things may not be the way I would like them to be, that other things, very meaningful things, continue. Like arranging quilt blocks, choosing yarn, and warping a loom. Not to mention good coffee, conversation and dreaming.

Heidi Sue

quilting is a sort of meditation...to me at least. the choosing of just the right combo of fabrics allows my brain to rest from the more challenging thoughts. focusing on which bright print goes with the perfect neutral is creative relief.

your quilt will be an heirloom.

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