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Not sure it will be a book for me. But the title is interesting, "stealing" and changing Emily Dickinson's poem title "Hope is that thing with feathers": that also has a bird that lodges in the heart. Well, maybe I'd better take a look at your book choice!!!!!


Now on hold for me! It sounds like a good winter-mood book.


This sounds wonderful... I just have to get past the *f* word... I am really attracted to corvids and crows but I have a strange phobia of the stuff that they are clad in... (and it is not fur!),so much that even writing the word makes me cringe!

Sharron Carleton

Sounds wonderful... xox


There's another fabulous book about the comfort and healing powers of birds. Have you discovered Penguin Bloom? Not about a penguin, it's a photo book about the way an injured magpie came into the lives of a family whose mother was terribly injured. Fabulous photographer father took the most moving pictures I've seen.
Got it for Christmas. Gave it to others. Look at it often. Hope you haven't already reviewed this.


Oh, what an interesting take on Emily's," Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul..." being an avid birder, a lover of corvids (do you know that they rank right up there in intelligence with apes, dolphins, and pigs?) This book sounds like it's right up my street...going to search my library for it.

I just finished The Last Telegram by Liz Trenow. England WWII era, Nazi's have invaded Europe, Lily Verner can't travel since war looms on the horizon, so she goes to work in her family's silk mill. Good story, very readable, I finished it in one day.

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