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jacki long

Brava Carol!


*applause* You clever thing - not only have you made a beauty, it sounds like you had fun too. What's more, you've even inspired me to give it another go!!


Fantabulous!!!!! I admire your precision sewing... simply wonderful!


That is fantastic Carol, well done!! Methinks I neeed one. Down here at the tip of Africa. Clever girl


I had a really good jiggly laugh here in Phoenix at 5:00 am. "taking the pouch to bed with you". You are such a silly heart and all those pouches are so "kewl."
Three posts on such an epic pouch , well done , I'd say are just about right. Your work is perfection.As usual.

Vicki in Michigan

Love the orange and blue one, and love yours. Your binding makes me think of the candy corn and peanuts you like to eat at Halloween. :-)


Vicki, why oh why did you have to go and mention that salty sweet concoction!


These are so awesome. I am a sucker for little zippered pouches. I've never made one, but I think I need to try it now.


Your little pouches are adorable! Don't you love it when teacher/project is both useful and fun? Well done.

My Bernina went into hibernation many years ago when my quilting/sewing MoJo crept off into the netherlands one night. I hasn't seen the light of day since. I do need to make a grime guard for my cross stitch tho, so I'll drag out my little Janome Gem and sew that thing up. That's the only thing I'm doing now: X Stitch.

Heidi Sue

so perfect! i heart a good class with a kit (what is it about kits that makes me so giddy?)

i started another bag and i know there will be more...the possibilities are endless!

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