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Vicki in Michigan

Totally agree about the healthful benefits of tulips.

And don't forget that cup you drank your tea from. I'm sure it added an extra boost.

Hope you're feeling up to snuff soon.


That first photo! The pinkish jar all soft-focus and shiny with the spring-shouting orange tulips. Gorgeous.


Sorry you're feeling poorly. I've been in the same boat. I didn't think of getting tulips though. I couldn't hear coz ears plugged up so felt like I was living in a deep hole with sound coming from afar. Hope you're soon back to your chipper self. The tulips are stunning. Have you ever visited Holland MI during tulip time? Breathtaking! You'd easily convince yourself you were in Europe.


Winter, eh? All those coughs and colds. I hope you are on the mend.
Lovely runner, I thought, but I get what you mean. We don't have those pretty pink jars here in the UK.

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