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Linda Watson

I really appreciated this. Thank you. A few years ago, I was in a position where I stood with a friend as she fought for her husband's, and my good friend's, right to die. The proper documents were in place, but they, through some strange mixup, had been ignored and now he was on life support. It was two very long days, one as we fought for his death, another as we stood with him as he died. It's a time I will never ever forget. And the first time I actually saw a life, a soul?, leave the body. I wish there had been someone like you, or the writer of this article, that we could have talked with.

Sharron Carleton

Thanks! xoxox


My father died in 1984 with me and my sister by his bed - unfortunately he was in a coma. I once heard that hearing is the last thing to go so I believe he may have been aware of us. Back then, here in the UK anyway, we were left with no one to even begin to discuss his particular death with. How lucky I was, am, to have had such a close sister to talk endlessly about him and to cry with.
i am so glad to read this wise article. Thanks, Carol.

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