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You are always making so many fun things. The napkins turned out great; I think the red-background horses is my favorite. And oh, that quilt is pretty! My eye goes to that flower patch on the white patch on the green patch. Wondering if you are making some sort of case - art supply case? I hope you'll show us the final project.


she's making me a swim costume.
i hope i can get in and out of it in under 3 minutes.


Damn it sister! You guessed!

Heidi Sue

Are you are making the "sew together bag"? I made it in a class this weekend at a local fabric store. I love the finished product, but lordy! that was a process! I was glad to have guidance as I didn't feel the pattern gave sufficient instruction for a few steps. I hope you share a photo or two of your finished product. The best part of the class was seeing everyone else's fabric choices! Your stack looks fantastic!


Heidi: YES! it is the Sew Together Bag and I will definitely share when I am done. The class here in Lawrence is a 2-parter. #1 this past Saturday and #2 next Saturday. I am glad to have the instructor too. I will absolutely be making another one... or two. There are so many great fabric choices to put together.

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