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The Walking foot is only good for straight line quilting. If you want free motion design you'll have to get the free motion foot. If you used strips of the same width for the quilt, then quilting "in the ditch" would be the logical thing to do. Try not to use too much speed when using the quilting foot. The purpose of the foot is to get the top and bottom fabric to move at the same pace to avoid puckers and tucks. Yes, I've used those gloves, they help immensely. Trying to push a large amount of fabric with multi layers is hard to do without something with some grip. I nearly ruined my back trying to quilt a large one. If you can put a table behind your machine to help carry the weight, it'll help avoiding drag on the needle as the weight & bulk bunches up. Above all, keep your shoulders relaxed and lower than your ears...helps avoid neck pain.

If there are any Japanese quilts on display at the Quilt Symposium, be sure to get an up close view. I have never found any quilt work to compare to the Japanese. The detail and tiny stitches are a sight to behold. Exquisite in detail and execution of craft that is truly an art.

jeanette sclar

No knowledge of the gloves, but if they don't work out for quilting, they'd make great non-skid gloves for walking around the house doing a handstand. You can thank me later.


Jeanette: I love to receive a helpful tip from someone I know speaks from experience. Thank YOU.

Caroline Berk

Putting a big quilt through the machine is just hard work. One woman I read about suggested doing it in your slip with the quilt slung over your shoulder to help with the weight. As far as I could tell it works as well as anything else. The slip was so that there wouldn't be a fabric that would provide drag, I think, or maybe it was just summer.
I like to think about the handstands. Think about. Not do. (wish I could).

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