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What a lot of work. It is a beautiful quilt and you must be very pleased with it. Love the colours. Two thumbs up!


WOW! I could almost pull out my sewing machine, clean it up and see if it will run. Almost. Your quilt is quite wonderful! Enjoy it!

Janet G

Good for you and the best photo is of you with the quilt draped around you!!

Barbara Casillas

So very beautiful and unique! Your many talents and productivity are amazing and inspirational.




I love that quilt! The colors, the different prints, the way you put it together. So different. Really charming!


LOVE your quilt! You did such a great job with it...now enjoy using it.

Heidi Sue

I see perfection. We are always our own harshest critic.

Love the gray modern blocks with the scrappy strips -- warm and cool combo! Lovely job!

Leslie J. Moran

"And yes, there are some imperfections in the attachment of the binding but nothing I can't live with.".....and THAT is what I love about you! I adore this quilt. It's exactly the sort that one wants to cuddle in. The back is spectacular. Well done. Onward!


"Try your hand at quilting?" It's gorgeous! Is there anything you don't do well??


it's mine.


Such a wonderful piece of art you have created. I adore it.
I've never been an orange person, but after seeing that lucious binding and the way in which it surrounds your creation with a vibrant spirit, I have changed my mind.

Just glorious!

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