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Caroline Berk

I am going tomorrow to get (if it is still there) a most beautiful yellow peony. I will also look for some yellow iris. I am considering a yellow and lavender garden at the side of the house. Lots of possibilities (and some other colors might sneak in.)


So beautiful. Love Peonies. Lilacs , too. Live in AZ now. Nary a lilac where we live.
Certainly a lot of eye candy God has given to us.

Janet G

I live in a condo now and I miss my flower gardens of the past and the planning just exactly which plants and seeds to buy. I miss the smell and feel of the warm dirt--but i don't miss the toll it took on my back and knees! However I can still go to the greenhouse and smell all the wonderful fragrances and enjoy the gorgeous blooms and colors and remember all those gardens of the past. And every year you think your garden is complete but then you find you can add just a "few" more plants. Right?


Thanks for nursery tour! I can't wait till I can do my own plant shopping in several weeks. I've got deep red-pink cosmos seeds this year, too. Such reliable, charming flowers.


Agreed: nothing better than the nursery in spring - you've inspired me to go STAT. Never too early to start dreaming. :-)

Debbie Janelle

The "cut and come again" zinnias are my favorite ones. I used to have them in my backyard each year, and the hummingbirds would come to them!


Oh my! Beautiful flowers, just love all the colors.

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