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A lovely tribute to your father.

jacki long

Wonderful Carol! Perfect in fact! ;o)


We knew the guy Angie picked had to have been pretty awesome. This is lovely.

Barbara Tarbox

A reflection on what "our older self" would engage in conversion with our parents is
so intriguing.
How "wise" we become, if only we had that realization "in the moment".
Nevertheless, thank you Carol for pushing that button for me. I am off to imagine just
such a conversation with a long gone loved one.


Aw, such a great post, along with the many other great posts of late! You're awesome. Love to Angie and your Daddy-o. xo


You girls and brother had a wonderful relationship with your parents. I'm so envious.
I'm a happy wanderer when hitting the road, love to go on all the back roads, thru the neighborhoods of towns I've never visited before. Like to leave at the crack of dawn too. Don't care which direction, just go. I was lucky enough to travel Rte. 66 in the days before Xpressways, before everything was paved over. Towns along the road each had a different flavor, color, taste, how I loved it.


hello dear dad.
swing by and pick me up!
i promise i will not touch the temperature controls or the radio.

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