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See that hand on your right knee? Give that knee an extra "thank you pat," because it is still letting you challenge yourself and the landscape!!! Great hike, indeed.

Janet G



oh my goodness. how beautiful it is there. congrats on making the hike.


mother trucker!
that looks HARD.
unless there are benches for 20 minute breaks every 30 minutes i wouldn't make it!
but i'm glad you did!!!


There is only one word for Utah: breathtaking! You have to see it to believe it. This is why I live in the intermountain west. Can't live without my mountains and the open spaces.
Bryce Canyon is my favorite park.

Dana Burrell

Yay Carol!!! I'm thrilled you and the fam were able to go... and on such a gorgeous day too! You'all are honorary mountain goats now!

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