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No one could imagine there was a hole in your tablecloth, why did you tell us ??? The flowers are so pretty !!! Your bouquet match very well with your decorative "pompons", welcome to the Summer !

jeanette sclar

Please google "boro" or Sashiko"...it's the art of Japanese mending and I've been diving to try it...you have the perfect opportunity! And the skills to make it work on your hole!


GREAT idea!!!!!!

Amy in Texas

Beautiful flowers!!


beautiful flowers. when you showed the photo of flowers at the market that is the bouquet that I picked out too. but the pompoms, tell us about them. I think I need to make some, lol. and life's too short to worry about holes in tablecloths that no one else would see.

Judy H.

Beautiful flowers and wonderful fabric pompoms. Love both. :)


Maryk: here is a link to how to make the pom poms

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