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Karen Schumacher

Looks like you could have made a seaweed salad, too


What a glorious sunrise. You're finding some good stuff. I gather natural bits like that to keep in various sized jars (often small vintage canning jars with metal clasps) to remind me of our trips, and label the bottom of the location, much like Mary Ann's sea water collection.

Karen Goetz

Beautiful treasures! The driftwood looks like an arm/hand. Right above the driftwood...pretty shell! And above that, looks like a chunk of pepperonišŸ˜€ The round pale green rock is just gorgeous! Have you guys found the big old Victorian house on the island yet? It is abandoned, but still wonderful. It would be fun to paint! I guess it is even on Pinterest.

Heidi Sue

I feel the cool breeze coming off of these photos. Thank you for tilting the fan my way (it's triple digits here in St Louis today).

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