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jacki long

it's a daily hunt! ;o)


I simply MUST know your new favorite curse word...you can email me...I could use a fresh curse word myself!!!


My pre teen friend Freya turned me on (can i still say that?) to Skulduggery Pleasant and when we met up in England 2 years ago I gave her a bone white leather bracelet with the phrase, 'Doors are for people with NO Imagination!(One of SD s fave sayings!) as a thank you. Having read about your recent adventure on Lummi,i think you can relate.lol

Sharon Walworth

New Recommendation: take a look at "Last Ride to Graceland" especially if you are an Elvis fan. Splendid writing................award winner by Kim Wright


I haven't read either book but thought the movie version of "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" was really good.


you're such a silly heart. How I love it.
Btw Debbie is right. Give it up.

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