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Oh my -- thank you for sharing this wonderful place. It would be too long of a flight from Maryland to there for a weekend trip but it looks like a little slice of heaven.


So cute ! and so lovely man ! thank you for sharing this peacefull land with us - please, if you go back another time, ask the gardener what is the secret for such begonias !

jacki long

Just Wonderful! Next best to really being there!
I have copied this in my journal and credited you ... "Beautiful flowers are one thing. Beauty with a sense of the person who created it is quite another."
Thanks Carol.

Amy in Texas

Beautiful! And what a treat to have the creator/artist of the garden share it with you.


How wonderful and so beautiful. I especially love his little pagoda made of branches. We had to cut down lots of frees to put in our garden in the forest, so it could get sun, but it's nothing like this. Thanks for sharing.


wait. why are you calling him george? i thought his name was dick bosch...


He told me (in private) his friends called him George. I guess he didn't tell you?

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