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My favorite unexpected thing to use in arrangements is dill... it's quite lovely but will also self sow itself so you never know where it will show up!

Janet G

Beautiful! especially miss having a garden full of zinnias! So easily grown; such beautiful colors for bouquests!!

jeanette sclar

I've grown dahlias for years and they are superb producers as cut flowers but the big news is : Remember how mild our winter was last year? I failed to "lift" my dahlias last fall - just too busy to dig them up so I planned to buy new tubers last spring, but it was so mild the dahlias came back!!!! Never will I lift again. I know it's a roll of the dice, but what a payoff!

Becky Haynes

Your beautiful bouquets bring to mind walking through my grandmother's gardens with her to select just the right combinations for her tiny vases. I particularly like how you place a collection of these on cake stands. It's quite lovely.


Love the flowers! From my herb garden I use chive flowers (they are petite and don't smell too badly) and catnip - since I grow my own for my by two cat boys. Since my yard is not as tidy as your, I also look for weeds behind my shed and have gotten some neat unknowns from there. As well as some DREADED bamboo. The neighbor behind me planted it and than he passed away and his wife got very ill. The house it rented now and if they don't keep mowing, we get bamboo. Nasty plant if you live on a city lot. But it looks great in vase with cut flowers and will sometimes keep growing.


Oregano. Easy to grow. Nice smell and flowers

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