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Vicki in Michigan

I am sure the people who work to make sure the ferry does its job would love to receive fan mail. :-)

I took a ferry from Toronto a week and a half ago. Just one round trip, though. There is something about commuting by boat, isn't there? :-)


Two ferries that I have been on which have now been replaced by bridges is the ferry to the Isle of Skye and the ferry to P.E.I., I understand the romantic side of taking the ferry, so much more than just driving a bridge. Thanks for sharing , always enjoy your posts.


i am certain the WCF would love to receive a love letter. positive! i'm going to post this on their twitter feed! and you can't stop me.


I was charmed reading about this little ferry. On our San Juan Island vacation a few years ago we took the ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor but it was a big one. Still a very cool experience.

jacki long

So Charming, Carol!
Thanks again for adding to my mental scrapbook.
Thank you fir it and for you. ♥

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