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jacki long

OMG, Carol! Drooling here in SoCal! ♥


Your blueberry snack cake is one to add to the list of "recipes that are so good you never, ever, look for a new version"!!!! LOVE that stuff!


I love the clip idea to hold down the parchment - I'm going to try that next time! And the bars look so yummy.


Those are amazing, aren't they? Now go try her Magic Apple Plum Cobbler. I just made it with apricots and nectarines and it's fabilous!


Omg I love lemon bars!!! Must try your recipe!!! :)


I just printed the recipe & I look forward to making these. Also, thank you for the ‘binder clips’ idea; I’ll have to try these too. 

Diane Moline

I have made4 or 5 versions of lemon bars and none turn out the way I hoped - you know, the way the perfect bars always melt lemony in your mouth at just the right consistency and speed. I am eager to try these; I'll let you know. I have learned to trust your judgement about such things, more than once, and am sorry I never told you so before!


Thank you for sharing the recipe which will likely become our new favourite. I couldn't wait to make them and you are quite right. Delicious!!

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